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  • Is Your Data an Asset or a Curse?

    Is Your Data an Asset or a Curse?

    We discover every day how data can improve our lives at work, specifically where this data is transformed and presented as useful information. Naturally this drives the desire for access to more and more data. A risk, and often-realized reality, is that this could...
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  • Reducing Pain and Risk in Software Selection Projects

    Reducing Pain and Risk in Software Selection Projects

    Selecting a new corporate business software solution is a complex and daunting task that will have financial and operational effects for years to come. It is a significant investment and surprisingly few organizations commit the proper time and resources to enable an...
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  • The Challenges of Data

    The Challenges of Data

    Every project varies, but there are three activities commonly place the largest demands on a client team’s time during implementation: decision making, data migration, and testing. Most clients foresee the first one and plan for the last – but data migration has...
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    EBUSINESS STRATEGIES is a strategic consulting services firm providing Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Management services. We help our clients develop and articulate an enterprise-wide facilities strategy, standardize business practices, and select, align, and...
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  • TRIRIGA University

    TRIRIGA University

    TRIRIGA University User Conference (Formerly known as TRIMax) November 28-29, 2018 | Washington, DC This conference provides a forum where participants can share knowledge and learn from other TRIRIGA clients, business partners, and IBM leaders. Attendees can expect...
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  • Avoiding Pitfalls in CRE Software Implementations

    Avoiding Pitfalls in CRE Software Implementations

    Corporate Real Estate (CRE) applications are sophisticated decision-making tools, but nearly 50% of implementations fail to meet expectations. Part of this is due to unrealistic expectations set up front, but the lure of a quick technology fix without proper up-front...
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