Following a year of lockdowns and employees working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations are now considering a return to work. While physically reporting full time to an office is not expected to resume for the foreseeable future, office workers will likely begin splitting time between home and the office soon, if they haven’t already.

While there are many new solutions being touted for managing such an effort, most companies don’t have the time or budget to select, purchase and implement new software solutions. Many Space Managers will be seeking ways to create a safe, healthy, and enjoyable occupant experience for their office workers utilizing tools they already have.

This new virtual/on-site hybrid work model will drive a change in how the organization’s space is utilized. Many organizations will be transitioning their space model from that of dedicated assigned seating and large conference rooms to more of an on-demand shared model where workspaces are managed through advance reservations or hot-desking arrangements and meeting spaces and phone rooms are designed and reserved for in-person collaboration among individuals and small groups.

The good news is organizations that have deployed the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management solution already have all the tools needed to assess, reimagine, and redesign their workplace to provide their employees with a safe and productive workplace experience. TRIRIGA has access to all the necessary data involved in managing Return to Work effectively including building and space records, graphic floor plans, and information about the organizations and people formerly occupying the buildings and spaces.

TRIRIGA Space Management provides simple and effective tools to help Space Managers plan for which workers will be in the office and when, helps ensure everyone has access to the right type of space at the right time, and helps managers to plan and deploy space in a way that supports healthy employee collaboration and productivity.

To begin the realignment, TRIRIGA Space Assessment provides managers a perceptive mobile app for walking floors to physically confirm the current configuration, organizational and employee assignments of spaces. Results of completed assessments are uploaded to TRIRIGA via the mobile app where space details, organizational chargebacks and employee records are updated automatically.

TRIRIGA Dynamic Space Planning is an app that enables Space Planners to adapt the workplace to rapidly changing requirements. Planners can create scenarios for enforcing physical distancing guidelines, update space classifications, mark spaces as unavailable, reservable or assigned, rearrange employee seat assignments and rework organizational space allocations. Once a scenario is approved, the Dynamic Space Planning app will update all affected portfolio records automatically from the scenario. Organizations not able to take advantage of the Dynamic Space Planning app due to their current TRIRIGA version can achieve a similar outcome by marking certain spaces as out of service and performing manual scenario planning to achieve the desired results.

When the new workplace is planned and ready, employees who need to be on-site can utilize the TRIRIGA Reservation mobile app to locate and reserve shared rooms such workspaces, phone rooms and collaboration spaces as well as any shared equipment needed. Depending on their role, users can make a reservation or submit a request as a self-service user, create a reservation as a help desk agent, or process requests as a reservation coordinator. Users can engage service providers such as food service vendors, and work tasks such as room setup, room breakdown, equipment delivery, and equipment pickup. For added flexibility in reserving rooms, TRIRIGA Reservation Manager can also be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Once they arrive on location, employees can utilize the TRIRIGA Locate mobile app which leverages graphic floorplan views to quickly find the location of amenities, reserved workspaces, collaboration spaces and co-workers within a building. The Locate app integrates with ESRI Indoor as well as Apple Indoor Maps and Apple Indoor Positioning to enable visitors, maintenance staff and employees unfamiliar with the location to navigate via the real time “you are here” blue dot feature.

As employees and visitors go through their day on-site, they may have a need to request facilities services. The Service Request mobile app provides occupants a quick and easy method to enter a service request anytime anywhere. Included in the feature is an AI virtual assistant where the user can type in a request or use their device microphone to enter the request faster through interactive chat using natural language processing. The virtual assistant also supports the Locate and Reservation functions for a seamless user experience.

In order to understand current building conditions and near real-time space utilization across the real estate portfolio, Space Managers can refine and optimize their space plans using IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights (TBI). TBI is a cloud-based solution that is deployed in conjunction with an organization’s TRIRIGA on-premise or SaaS environment that uses an AI-driven rule set to record and validate building conditions and space utilization in buildings using IoT sensing technologies.

For the quickest startup and for buildings not already using IoT sensing technology, TBI can leverage network data from an existing Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and the Cisco DNA Spaces solution to monitor building occupancy. In TBI, data is consolidated, stored, and analyzed by the service and displayed in a user-friendly dashboard. This enables Space Planners to understand the current occupancy rate and the utilization trends of their buildings so they can identify patterns and anomalies in occupancy behaviors against current targets and thresholds with near real-time insight and intelligent historical utilization reporting.

In conclusion, if your organization has deployed IBM TRIRIGA Space Management, you already have the tools needed to enable a safe and healthy return to work effort. EBUSINESS STRATEGIES has extensive knowledge of the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management solution and experienced consultants with extensive domain knowledge ready to help guide you. With our documented success and the best TRIRIGA consultants in the business, we will help you achieve your back-to-work goals and maximize the return on your IBM TRIRIGA investment.


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