but the processes rule.


Operational Execution


To initiate a path forward to the strategic vision, a current state analysis is required. This analysis shortens the overall project timeline and establishes clear communication and team roles for execution. EBUSINESS STRATEGIES assists our clients in looking in the mirror before moving forward. Our guidance provides you with the strong foundation upon which building can take place. Assessing the ‘as is’ business processes, data and culture of your organization and understanding how these conditions impact the strategic vision and execution is key in moving efficiently and effectively forward.
EBUSINESS STRATEGIES partners with you to prepare for execution by:

  • Performing business process reviews to recommend optimization.
  • Developing technology requirements that support business process changes.
  • Creating requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Developing a business case to support the execution of the strategic vision.


The EBUSINESS STRATEGIES e3 implementation methodology is an application agnostic, iterative approach to implementations. EBUSINESS STRATEGIES’ e3 methodology incorporates the best of Agile and Waterfall to allow you to stand up applications quickly, enabling you to understand the value of the solution and learn from the opportunities presented in each iteration and phase – before moving onto the next functionality phase.
EBUSINESS STRATEGIES ensures successful implementations by:

  • Assessing your organization’s implementation readiness.
  • Making recommendations for assembling the right project team.
  • Analyzing existing data and guiding the refinement and cleansing needed.
  • Defining key business metrics to capture appropriate data, and preparing a fluid migration plan.
  • Creating a process for feedback to ensure continuous improvement throughout implementation.


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