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[ability=123:Name] until [pet=123:Petname] dies Guide sugli Scontri di Mascotte di World of Warcraft - il tuo punto di riferimento per le strategie necessarie a completare tutte le missioni, le imprese ed a sconfiggere gli avversari negli scontri di mascotte in WoW! don't know if it was the size or not but there was a spinning progress circle that ran for a while before the crash. I wrote to blizz to ask what was going on. It is recommended to use them where possible: also, make sure you or your addon isnt sticking a level pet into the strat by accident. This table shows the level increase for completing the fight with level 25 pets and Pageviews. [ability=123:Name] - [enemy=123:Enemyname] dies Zone done -> next until achs pops. Heavenlie rédigé le 23.04.2019 djess rédigé le 13.01.2019 rédigé le 19.12.2018 rédigé le 21.12.2018 Une erreur est survenue lors de la récupération des commentaires.

[ability=123:Spellname] - [pet=123:Petname] dies Swap to your Netherfeendrache

You must be logged in to vote on comments : Mystborn. If you don't, go to and install it.trying to load that Rematch pastebin crashed WoW. It is recommended to use them where possible: It will take me longer to finish, but at a more tolerable pace.I'm with Zuckerguss on this one - I'm in no rush, so just do a couple of the whichever world quests are up each day for the achieve, and maybe a few that reward battle stones or pet charms and move on to do other things.

Do you focus say on one tamer and go through all the families until that one tamer is done or do you go with a family of pets first and travel around until that family is done?I choose a zone, and do all the tamers in that zone. Any standard attack will finish the fight Swap to your Nie alternder Bronzedrache I'm still building up my pet teams so if I don't have a team I might come back to the fight at a later stage when I have enough charms to buy an upgrade stone, or see if I have an alternative team - either way I'm having loads of fun, and can see merit to doing all the tamers in a zone as well which means not going back there as other posts have mentioned.If you haven't looked it up, there's an addon Family Familiar Helper. (Thank you blizzard for getting back to me so quickly allowing me to get my achievement done!) [ability=123:Name] until [enemy=123:Enemyname] dies Sorry for being dumb, but how the hell do you use a Pastebin. This is brand new to me. i only needed one or two pets to beat the tamer so i didnt even notice that the third slot was the wrong pet type. Swap to your Sturmgeborener Welpling Pass

But no matter, I enjoy pet battling! [ability=123:Spellname] - [pet=123:Petname] dies I did not get credit for the fights on some occasions either and found out it was because not all my pets (in the correct family) were level 25.Yep, I also had that happen and then noticed I had a lvl 24 pet. Swap to your Sturmgeborener Welpling [ability=123:Spellname] - [pet=123:Petname] dies Any standard attack will finish the fight [ability=123:Name] - [enemy=123:Enemyname] dies Yeah thats how i go about these type of achs as well, go to a zone, pick a tamer, rotate the 10 families through, next tamer in that zone. I go to a tamer who's up as a world quest that day and do a couple of families. Powerleveling Guide; Most Used Pets; Using Rematch + TD Scripts; Writing TD Scripts; Le guide de création de stratégies; BfA. [ability=123:Name] until [enemy=123:Enemyname] dies Any standard attack will finish the fight Pick a family below to check which pets you need. also, make sure you or your addon isnt sticking a level pet into the strat by accident. I did install the Family Familiar Helper before trying to import the teams from pastebin.WoW. He shares a pastebin link with all 150 teams, so all we've got to do is import it to rematch.

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