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Sassen’s presence is perceived through her shadow and made tangible by scraps of paper that bear the imprint of her breasts. A comprehensive collection of Sassen’s fine art works. They grow their food on small agricultural plots, producing cassava bread, pressed maripa palm oil and dried coconut.In this German premiere the exhibition “Viviane Sassen. The exhibition seeks to present works that depict the artist’s state of mind. Curated by Josh Ginsburg, the exhibition is focused on 'works and practices that fluidly seek to engage entropy and efficiency, waste, residue and offcuts, transactions, propositions, and serious play'. Sol & Luna, 2009 Sketches shows Polaroids made in Africa between 2002 and 2010. The exhibition forms part of the Dutch Culture USA programme.Viviane Sassen exhibits her Pikin Slee series alongside work by fellow Dutch photographer Elspeth Diederix at Casemore Kirkeby. In de afgelopen twee decennia heeft Huis Marseille een mooie verzameling bijeengebracht van ruim zevenhonderd fotowerken van internationaal toonaangevende fotografen als Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, Andres Serrano, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen en Jean-Luc Mylayne.

''Viviane Sassen is featured in Blurred Lines: A Matter of Attitude at the 2017 Belfast Photo Festival. Focusing on her Lexicon, Flamboya and Parasomnia series, the exhibition observes how Sassen's images 'can be located both in staged and in documentary photography'. Die Son Sien Alles, 2002 - 2004 Sassen has made a new series of works that focus on the play of light and shadow, supplementing these with previously unseen images from her archives.In Roxane II, Viviane Sassen and her muse Roxane continue writing their shared visual journal. This mid-career retrospective volume focuses on Viviane Sassen's fine art photography, revealing a surrealist undercurrent in her work. Roxane's body and expressions follow the artist's direction in a sequence of poses and moods collected over a number of years.Viviane Sassen photographed the series Die Son Sien Alles in the townships of Cape Town during several visits between 2002 and 2004, looking at the interior decoration of people's homes, shops and bars.Parasomnia animates these feelings of dislocation between home and away, night and day, life and dreams. View and buy art from over 1,000 of today’s leading artists, and experience the fair’s critically acclaimed curated sections and Talks programme.Estrus, 2018 C-print with ink / varnish, on the October, 2018 issue of Frieze Magazine and Lacrima, my ode to the work of Lee Miller.This mid-career retrospective volume focuses on Viviane Sassen’s fine art photography, revealing a surrealist undercurrent in her work.This year’s biennial is designed as part of the Special Exhibitions section of the 1st Beizhen International Photography Festival and will be held simultaneously at the Culture Industry Center of Beizhen and the CAFA Art Museum. This year's iteration is curated by Alfons Hug and Paula Borghi and 'aims to take a look at the triangle that has been linking the destinations of America, Africa and Europe for more than 500 years'. Especially for Huis Marseille, Sassen made a number of installations that refer to its canal houses in relation to the history of Amsterdam in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.The inaugural Triennial for Photography and New Media at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway will bring together recent work of 31 international artists.

With the exhibition NUDE – The Fragile Body, Museum Kranenburgh considers the changing meaning of nudity in the visual culture of the past decades: from shock to familiarity, from taboo to openness – and sometimes back again.Frieze London features more than 160 of the world’s leading galleries. This exhibition originated in Versailles where Sassen created new work, inspired by various histories around the French court in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The series comprises photographs taken in West and East Africa over the past two years, as well as a few taken in Europe, which frame her enigmatic and often haunting narratives.In medical terminology, 'parasomnia' denotes various sleep dysfunctions, such as somnambulism. Human actions in front of the camera can be conscious or unconscious, choreographed or accidentally observed. 'At times sensual, at times tender, these images are equally about the performances in front of and behind the camera. With their common focus on the human body, the images document or interpret performances, which in many cases have also been initiated by the photographers themselves.Andrew Kreps Gallery and Stevenson are pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Moshekwa Langa, Viviane Sassen, and Portia Zvavahera at 55 Walker Street. De presentatie combineert haar bekendere werk in fotografie met nieuwe digitale collages, en zet de kijker voortdurend op het verkeerde been. ''A solo exhibition of Viviane Sassen's work takes place at Foto Kunst Stadform. As it happens with memories or thoughts, photographs are not isolated: they form a fluid stream of associations and connections.Viviane Sassen photographed the series Die Son Sien Alles in the townships of Cape Town during several visits between 2002 and 2004, looking at the interior decoration of people's homes, shops and bars. The ordinary and the magical merge. The exhibition “Bauhaus and Photography—On New Visions in Contemporary Art” at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf brings together photographs by proponents of this “new vision” with works by contemporary artists. In the spring of 2020 - 8 years after her highly acclaimed exhibition In and Out of Fashion - Viviane Sassen returns to Huis Marseille with the monumental exhibition Venus & Mercury.

In and Out of Fashion” shows a retrospective of her best fashion photography at the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt.Viviane Sassen's photographic series Umbra, titled after the Latin word for shadow, was commissioned by the Nederlands Fotomuseum. 'Sassen’s weekly image column in ZEITmagazin, each work accompanied by a poem by Maria Barnas.

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