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To this end we are looking into new ways to reach out to friends, peers and co-workers. The Body of Christ (the Church) becomes nothing more than special places (cathedrals, monasteries, temples, worship centers, etc. The heathen does that often better than we do. Hence we are looking into working together with larger groups in Denver and Greely who have greater connection to “twentysomethings” through local universities. Many have come to this conclusion even without defining “the spiritual” as something like Judeo-Christian spirituality.

Maybe an extended period of idleness is affecting my reading ability, but I found Thurman's style somewhat obtuse at times. Jesus used fasting, prayer, solitude, etc. More on that next week.QA1:  Some preachers and teachers quote non-Biblical sources often. He immediately began preaching locally (see Acts 9:19-31), but it was much later that he was called by the Antioch church to take the message abroad (see Acts 13).

It is not investing in company with a hope of reaping a many-fold return.

He had, no doubt, seen the results of the SBC “resurgence” and the continued decline of Christianity and decided to “hold his cards.”  He did something quite outstanding in this very short Foreword.

At that time the monastic system had grown to such an extent that it was a serious drain on European economics.

This lack of practical emphasis on methods (see QA3) for making disciples Willard calls “the Great Omission (see QA4).”  According to Willard what is needed is a sane and systematic approach to a revival of the Christian disciplines. Tags:

Of course salvation comes to the individual, but not in isolation but rather as a full participant in the Kingdom of God. I didn't have the patience for it when I was youHoward Thurman was a philosopher, theologian, and educator whose writings influenced many civil rights leaders, notably Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is a life that begins with belief, grows by taming the body and mind and proceeds inexorably to eternal communion with God.

Later he will list these as:Although it is fairly easy to demonstrate the need for a systematic way to transform human character, it is not self-evident that spiritual disciplines in general or this list in particular is the right approach. Nevertheless, I think this is actually one of his weakest sections in the entire book. Most of these trends and fads are just marketing ploys to sell us more stuff that will soon be obsolete and need of replacement by newer stuff.Frugality is about doing without, but it is also about living within. Sin not only robs the soul of communion with God, it destroys self-image, drains finances and often results in physical illnesses. In fact, it is the frugal that often are able to help the poor and needy while the “rich” struggle to find any loose cash to help out (see for example Proverbs 31:10-31 but especially verses 20-21). In one of the most highly anticipated young adult books of 2020, debut author Aiden Thomas creates a magical world of Latinx-inspired magic that si...Dr. Howard Thurman (1900-1981)--minister, educator, philosopher, and poet--explores five major dimensions of the spiritual life: commitment, growing in wisdom and stature, suffering, prayer, and reconciliationSpend time sitting with the Discipline if Commitment. This is a strong admonition throughout the Bible.

Another was to seek material reward. The emphasis on “faith” as opposed to “works” caused a very significant change in the meaning of the “disciplines.”What had become much too physical in nature was transformed into something completely cerebral.

It is different from frugality which is refraining from extravagance. “Church discipline” became a firm requirement for members to give mental assent to “correct” doctrine. It is in service that God does miracles, answers prayers and moves mountains.

He does something very interesting in that he quotes the great Nobel Prize winning physicist, Schrodinger gives a typical, quasi-scientific definition of life.

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