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Almost all villages make grain, so its sometimes hard to find a market to sell in, but if nothing else, it acts as the staple for all good army diets. I’ve seen salt sell for over 60, and you just can’t beat that with other normal durable goods. This will be easy in the starting region as there are villages around Poros that farm the beautiful road-apple-dropping money makers that are essential to your profits going through the roof. Now, are you ready to double your money?Go to some villages that produce salt, and buy as much as you can for 25 or lower(20 is the golden price), go to the next town, that isn’t connected to those said villages, and you will probably find that salt sells for 40+. The most powerful effects of the Trade skill, however, come from the perks. Its a rare good, so few merchants will blow this market up. I call them durable goods because there are always markets for these, plus they are produced by villages, so their prices are relatively stable. This is the holy land. These goods are durable, like those above, but have the added bonus of ALWAYS HAVING AMAZING MARKETS.Holy crap you can do the most with these, so lets jump right in:Cotton: buy this product of the tundra in the North and Northeast for around 50-60 and reliably sell it in the south for 100+. Be warned though, its rarity causes quick fluctuations of price. I have not bothered to dip into this market as much, because its volatile as hell, because every NPC caravan is trying to push their town’s luxury goods on everybody else.Sometimes, NPC caravans will con themselves into low prices with these goods, so stop them every once and again and look for some bargains!Linen: this is by far the most reliable luxury good that I have found.

My game worked fine after I uninstalled this mod. There are many ways to play the game, all of them respectable, but have you ever wanted to dunk on poor people? I’ve seen grain as low as 7, and honestly, buy, buy, buy at that or 8: even without the tide of war, you can often find places that will buy it for 15+, so its an easy 150% profit on investment, if nothing else. This guide can be useful for all players! Of course not, Jack of all Trades MASTER OF TRADE is the meta build.If you really want to plough into trade like a beast, be of Aserai descent (I’ve seen some stuff on forums that the cultures don’t do anything yet, but way-O, get the buffs when the patch comes out ;))Grab a background that makes you good at trade or horses, horses is good because your build is going to suck at combat; however, being good at horses gives you access to that next level of horses right off the bat, which makes you faster in combat which negates a lot of damage debuffs, as destroying a guy at speed with a spear to his forehead and running away before his friends can even cry about it is op.Try and get as many trade buffs as possible while also balancing out polearms, horses, and smithing (a lil roguery and archery doesn’t hurt either).What you want is at least 3 focus points in trade, to allow for the first power levels to matter!As you level up, balance your focus points to simply increase your learning cap (and therefore xp caps) for the different skills! Just remember I'm not responsible for any of your precious goods getting pinched by bandit chancers.Companions with the epithets Spicevendor, Swift, and Bitterdraught are the best companions to lead a caravan, because they have the trade skill. You can find villages that produce salt in all corners of the map, but they are all on water. Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. This is easily done as the game starts you with a nice purse of 1000 gold. Congrats, treat yoself, and proceed to buy some better gear (my favorite is a faster horse) for your hard work!Addition: Once you have the new gear, kill some looters and get some quick combat levels, along with prisoners (who can be sold in tavern districts, for pithy gold, but good roguery levels) you also obtain some poop tier loot (the armor can be sold, but keep the weapons, trust me) and if you’re lucky (and somebody else wasn’t) you will get FREE extra horses and FREE trade goods.The jack of all trades master of none? Buy for ~10 and sell for over 20.

-The first Bandit themed Workshop.

The ability to trade ownership of settlements is particularly powerful, letting you buy new land from other lords.And trade penalty is, the difference between what you sell a good for in a town and its going rate in that same town. Do this as a constant side hustle, and you will be rich in no time!Grain: grain hurts me and yet, it is a staple of durable goods. You can sell the raw ore for 90+, but refining it in a smithy is the true route to massive profits (my smithing guide will be after I finish this section). Apply that good ol’ common sense, and don’t bankrupt yourself by setting up your business. If you’re a noob and don’t want to get dunked on, welcome! This a rule that I have made myself, and it never disappoints!Clay: clay isn’t crazy, but I like to pick it up for under 20 and then sell above that same price. Horses provide players with an advantage in both movement speed and attack speed. It’s the difference between what the merchants in that town would sell something for—even if they don’t have any—and the price they offer you for it. Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners In the tavern game for the empire, defenders have a large advantage, making it easy to get 500 from the max bet at each city every week.Using the tip of an arrow in first person is … That would be silly, no, I give them practical names, such as: luxury goods, durable goods, regional durable goods, and crapfest goods.So you want to get scammed huh? Ever wanted to have the capitalist comeup from your dungscraping origins? Caravan follow quests can last upwards of a week or two, so be sure you’ve got wages for your troops and a stock of food. Or maybe you are just looking to flex your singleplayer bankaccount on the proles n’ plebs that you talk to.

Find it in villages at the base of many mountains and mesas!This is it.

Villages, however, are always the same: You can safely trust them to have good regional prices on exactly what they produce, and to craft the same things every game. But I hate grain. Buy for as low as 60 to the cap of 120, then sell for 150-250.

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