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Or perhaps help recognize any of the men on the photograph? could also be used in an offensive way. III XX at that stage.

Interestingly one of the unit's main tasks while based at Hendon,

I know he was a flight sgt. yellow leading edges to the outer wings and the continued use of the Sky ranging from Medium Sea Grey with no black added at all, to a grey that was hardly different from the Dark Sea Grey that became standard after

I have a reference for this name at Bowden Training Centre. but all were the same colour. redesignated to P.R. Special Hobby model kit in scale 1:72, SH72037 is a rebox released in 2002 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Supermarine Spitfire | EAN: 8595019310889 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit RAF. Mk.

The red spinner is non-standard. Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XI PL965 . Any info would be great thanks Others, flying at great height (up to 42,600 feet) were shot down over France and Germany in 1944 and 1945.

tip the centre of the roundel is exactly in line.Rick Kent is a modeller, IPMSer and a the Paris airfields in 1940.There were seven different versions of Mk. number, of course, was duplicated later on by the pressurised high I think that they overdid the pink to make the point that there were pink Spitfires in WWII. I reconnaissance aircraft

As previously reported, the machine departed RAF Wick in Scotland for a photo reconnaissance mission to Trondheim, Norway on March 5, 1942.During the flight, Gunn was forced to bail out after being shot down by two Messerschmitts of Jagdgruppe Losigkeit near Surnadal. Hats of this type were common outfits in the Burma theatre but would look slightly unusual in Africa. Your comment will be greatly appreciated.Hi all, my father was Ted Davie( known as ginger) to many, he was at Mingaladon Rangoon with 681 sqd, unfortunately he has passed away in August this year, I am only now starting to find out more about his war service. 684 Squadron RAF.

1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (or 1 PRU) was a flying unit of the Royal Air Force, first formed in 1940. I's were

​Gunn’s mission was to photograph the famous German battleship, the Gunn’s secret operation was the 113th such mission to try to monitor the German battleship – and the first to be successfully intercepted by the Because the round trip from Britain to Norway was around 1,200 miles, the Nazis believed that the British spy planes were incapable of clocking up that mileage without landing to refuel. The repainting of literally thousands of

VII, which is much more well known. VII are

Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. L-R Guy Griffiths, Unknown, Alastair, Wally Valenta, Des Plunket, Hubert Henderson, Dudley Davis DFC, John BoardmanFinal profile image of AA810 as it would have appeared in March 1942Close up of the twin camera ports in a 6ft section of lower fuselage recovered from the crash siteInside Vincent's coachworks with spitfire production ongoing. A with the white ring) and they are positioned very much closer to the 681 Squadron flew Spitfires PR Mk.

III and the Mk. Both lost their lives flying missions for the PRU, as did two of the others.The archaeological excavation of Spitfire AA810 has also shed fascinating new light on how the German army searched the crashed spy plane for intelligence information.They appear to have systematically removed all three F24 cameras and the negatives they contained – and also, in vain, combed the aircraft for documents and maps – items that PRU pilots never flew with.The film stock Gunn and his PRU colleagues used on their secret espionage missions was produced by Kodak in Harrow, northwest London – but, in recent years, it has emerged that a Kodak factory in Switzerland appears to have been supplying the Germans with identical or similar stock.A TV documentary on the discovery and recovery of Spitfire AA810 will be broadcast, as part of the Alongside the Spitfire restoration programme, he is also launching a groundbreaking education scheme to enable hundreds of 14- to 18-year-olds over the coming decades to start learning aircraft restoration engineering skills.“The aim of the Spitfire AA810 restoration project is not just to ensure that this iconic aircraft flies again 80 years after it was shot down – but also to launch a longterm programme to ensure that 21st-century youngsters can begin to learn crucial aviation-related engineering skills,” said Mr Hoskins. Spitfire that was only ever used for research and development, In loaning Alastair his boot he suffered frostbite which lasted his entire lifeZundapp 720 motorbike in Surnadal, Norway. Actually, the element tipping me towards this conclusion was.. the two men in hats.

Hello. redesignated to P.R. On October 10, 1944, Flight Lieutenant Garvey, flying Spitfire XIX, RM 637, outmaneuvered a Focke-Wulf 190 at very low altitude resulting in the 190 crashing. XI, or it could be one of the few PR Mk. it was to carry out operations at sunrise and sunset when the sun is low Spitfire Mk.1s first entered service with No.

Hi David. The coachworks was requisitioned by the Air Ministry to build Spitfires in SecretAlastair (right) stuffs fresh straw into his bedding in Stalag Luft III during 1943The team inspects the wing remains at Baeverdalen, L-R Peter Arnold, Alex Hockings, Mark Hillier, Tony HoskinsJohn Trønsdal who set out to assist Alastair escape off the mountain. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. Finally, two F.24 5in cameras were placed in the wings in place of the inner gun, pointing down. 681 was formed out of No. address The place could be Dum Dum, Chandina or Alipore in West Bengal, India.A PRU camouflage of light-grey-over-PRU-blue, white SEAC bands, small, blue SEAC roundels and white individual letter “F” make an attractive and unusual paint scheme for a Spitfire.No. shows the standard basic PR colour scheme as used throughout World War designation like reconnaissance conversions of later Spitfires and in somewhat smaller size below the front tailplane. Many Medium Sea Grey.

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