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We are developing an advanced, smart, and modular transportation system that's designed to reduce pollution, commute time, traffic fatalities, trip costs, and road congestion. The doors automatically open when two pods link up, allowing passengers to move between them Next Future Transportation's Emmanuele Spera shows a self-driving pod vehicle prototype that is part of the modular mass-transportation system the startup envisions for moving groups of people around.Next Future Transportation’s Emmanuele Spera shows model of a self-driving pod.Next Future Transportation's Emmanuele Spera (right) and Sven Hackmann with Spera's self-driving transportation system pod prototype at the business in San Jose, Calif. on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Call or contact us at (574) 202-5161 The combined modules create a tourist space in this rendering

If your business is always on the move a modular office might be the perfect solution. Each module measures 8.8 feet (2.7 m) in length and holds up to 10 people (six seats plus standing room for four).Because the Next Future system relies on existing roadways, it avoids the need for any added physical infrastructure, such as rails. Next Modular, Goshen Indiana. we completed the first fully-functional drivetrain (engine), which will be installed on the base of the full-scale cabin we've already made.IAA Frankfurt 2015, Innotrans Berlin 2016, Gitex Dubai 2016NEXT modules have been designed to efficiently maximize space. If you plan to build a home within 250 miles of Goshen, Indiana, then let Next Modular build your dream home. Next Future Transportation is developing a modular transportation system that resembles railcars that link up to form a train, but smaller and with rubber wheels for roads -- …

Next is an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles, designed in Italy. Not only is this interior mobility useful for getting up and stretching or accessing amenities on other modules, but it's a necessary part of the ride – when it's time for you to split off from the greater train toward your destination, you exit to a separate module and go your separate way.Unlike a bus or train, which runs the same route no matter how few people are on it, the Next system sends individual modules where they're needed and links them in high-traffic areas. Next Future Transportation says it’s developing a modular transportation system, consisting of individual pod vehicles that connect and disconnect with …

The Next Future Transportation system is designed to act as an efficient, coordinated urban network. I hope this system will integrate with small pods for less travelled routes. Instead, its infrastructure is purely virtual, consisting of an advanced, cloud-based routing system that not only drives the autonomous pods to and fro but also coordinates all pods in the system, both private and public, linking swarms together wherever possible to cut traffic, optimize occupancy and ensure the most energy-efficient performance.The modules attach and detach while in motion, and the automatic doors connect the interiors so that passengers can move freely between pods, much like they'd move from car to car on a train. First, we developed and manufactured two 1:10 scale working prototypes. Gecchelin even imagines passengers ordering up service pods, such as bathrooms, restaurants or shops, which would automatically locate and join the existing vehicle, allowing said passenger to access needed services without stopping.In a hypothetical travel scenario, you order a Next module with your smartphone app. They provide enough room for six people to sit comfortably while four stand. If you have a relatively short journey, an empty pod joins up with the train and the app prompts you to move to this pod, which splits off and drops you at your destination.Does all that sound a little out there? The first Next design came out in 2012, and this year the company revealed version 3.0. Learn more about the benefits of buying a prefab house.

Agriculture & Food ​​Сельское хозяйство и еда Next is an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular electric vehicles, . The future is not square its circle, if you want efficient and strong.

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