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By the third century it will be codified as the Mishnah.Leviticus 11 prescribes the washing of clothes and other objects that have been touched by unclean animals (Leviticus 11:28-38), saying, “Every earthen vessel, into which any of them falls, all that is in it shall be unclean, and you shall break it. His use of the word reflects a kind of warmth and acceptance that this woman has most likely not heard in a long time. 1-20), he went to a graveyard where he dealt with a legion of unclean spirits (v. 9) and a great herd of pigs (v. 11). The other two are the Syrophoenician woman (7:25-30) and the father of the son with a spirit (9:14-29). The woman spent all her money on physicians over the years, and their best remedies failed. In some cases, the church has placed far more emphasis on the cleanliness of our world than the cleanliness of our hearts—ignoring the degree to which Jesus emphasized the latter. The concluding verse of chapter 6 reads, “And wherever he went, into villages or cities or farms, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged him that they might touch even the fringe of his cloak; and all who touched it were healed” (6:56).This story is followed by several stories of ministry with Gentiles:• The healing of the Syrophoenician woman’s daughter (7:24-30).• Travel through Tyre, Sidon, and the Decapolis (literally, “Ten Cities”) (7:31).

The Pharisees gradually adopted this practice of ritual handwashing as a way of showing devotion to God—and as a “boundary marker,” a way for Jews to proclaim their identity as distinct from their pagan neighbors (Hooker, 441).Ritual cleanliness has nothing to do with hygiene—Pasteur will not discover germs until the 17th century, and will have difficulty even then persuading physicians to wash their hands before performing surgery. It seems odd that these Jerusalemites are in Galilee. Each of us must walk in the light we have. We need to learn that what we take into our hearts and minds is even more important, because what we take into our hearts and minds has the potential to injure us spiritually as well as physically—to kill the soul as well as the body (see Matthew 10:28).In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues.

We are embarrassed to make a serious issue of The church needs to emphasize practical ministries—ministries that alleviate here-and-now kinds of misery—ministries to those who are especially vulnerable—ministries to those who are hungry, thirsty, lonely, naked, sick, or in prison (Matthew 25:31-46). A daughter is a beloved member of a family—an insider rather than an outsider. Our culture tells us to “get in touch” with our inner selves, and to “go with the flow.” It celebrates freedom and personal choice, and fiercely resists any constraint that Christ or common sense would place on behavior. Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Mark 5:21-43 EXEGESIS: MARK 4-5. To say that a person is not defiled by what he or she eats is a bold statement, although in keeping with Jesus actions in other situations. The ASV, which is also in the public domain due to expired copyrights, was a very good translation, but included many archaic words (hast, shineth, etc. 1. Their findings became known as The church always struggles with knowing God’s will. He must wonder what is happening to the little girl while they delay. By changing one word (• The second is the contrast between “the commandment of God” and “the tradition of men” (or “human tradition”). Commentaries on Mark.

We need to call people away from an “anything goes” business ethic.

How do we determine God’s will in such matters? There are many ways. Now he touches a corpse.However, instead of being defiled by the little girl’s body, Jesus’ touch removes the potential for defilement. The Pharisees are dedicated to obeying and pleasing God.

), which the WEB has updated.Cousar, Charles B., in Brueggemann, Walter; Cousar, Charles B.; Gaventa, Beverly R.; and Newsome, James D., Craddock, Fred B.; Hayes, John H.; Holladay, Carl R.; Tucker, Gene M., “Why do you make an uproar and weep? A list of the best commentaries on Mark ranked by scholars, journal reviews, and site users. Immediately upon touching Jesus’ cloak, The word, “daughter,” might seem paternalistic to our ears, but was a common form of address in Jesus’ day. Neither the woman with the hemorrhage nor the little girl is named.

You, the Bible and the Holy Spirit are priority in interpretation. The religious establishment encouraged the practice, because a portion of the deferred gift might end up in the religious treasury.This is strong language in the context of a culture that prizes Jewish food laws. This contrast highlights the Pharisaic reliance on human opinion rather than the will of God.Jesus does not condemn all tradition, but only the improper elevation of human tradition to sacred status. The woman is unclean because of her hemorrhage (Leviticus 15:25-30). It is those thoughts and feelings, conceived and nurtured in our hearts that give rise to truly serious sins (Matthew 5:28).This is an important word for us to hear today. 22, 34).• Both Jairus and the woman demonstrate considerable faith in Jesus. This story is bracketed by stories of Jesus’ power to do miraculous works and people’s response to his display of power:• It is preceded by the feeding of the five thousand (6:30-44), Jesus walking on water (6:45-52) and the healing of the sick in Gennesaret (6:53-56). The child is unclean because she is dead (Numbers 19:11-20). The church needs to learn from that. The best Gospel of Mark commentaries are listed below.

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