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Maybe. In fact City of Sydney won a national award for its e-waste recycling provision, and the City is investing heavily in improving recycling in other areas too.Nothing beats a summer’s day in Sydney, relaxing at the park with a BBQ, good friends and perhaps a beer or two.

Ten Quirky Ideas for Making Our Cities More Sustainable. The megacities of New York, Vancouver, and Glasgow have taken the lead on this. Pu means river. It includes targets such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and diverting 90% of the city’s waste from landfills.Progress is already being made against these goals. I have a goal of connecting eco-conscious consumers and brands to expand the overall focus on sustainable products and services.Sustainability matters is a fast-growing lifestyle magazine featuring news about ecofriendly products, green lifestyle and innovation.Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The City’s villages will continue to be strong focal points for community life and will encourage a sense of belonging.Relative equality will be improved through increased affordable housing and better access to community facilities, programs and services across the local area. Top notch!The problem with implementing a new eco-friendly practice in a new country is the educational part. They even held a “recycling festival” with interesting speeches, mascots dressed as recycling bins (they were cool, look at the picture below) and kids singing a song that I believe was about sustainability. Quite handy actually.We should always be careful to talk about environmental practices as “trends”. Frankly, I believe that the metro system works perfectly fine.Shanghai is quite similar to all other Asian big cities in the sense that the economy is growing – and the environmental issues are accelerating together with this economic boost. There’s something for everyone, with the city’s various parks boasting top notch sports facilities, communal barbequing equipment, clean lakes and even beaches! Sydney 2030 came to life after we asked residents, visitors, workers and businesses what kind of city they wanted. “If you own a car, it occupies 25 square meters near your home; if you drive to work, it occupies another 25 square meters near your workplace, meaning that a total of 50 square meters are immobilized for parking purposesAs such, it is important for cities to ensure an efficient and safe mass public transport system and/or encourage cycling, similar to that of many European countries.This Co-Co-Co formula encourages energy efficiency. Mass Transport Vehicle Routing Problem (MTVRP) and the Associated Network Design Problem (MTNDP). Shanghai is a city that has gone through some amazing development over the last years and that can really be considered as one of the world’s most exciting metropolis.I have been living in Shanghai for the last three years and can say that the local government have done an awful lot to make the life here more sustainable. Currently, nearly half of weekday trips made in Sydney are by active means, but with the Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy, this will get even better.Sydneysiders are a proud bunch, who look after their city. Forecasts show that the system will help in reducing their carbon emission footprint by 70 percent in 2030.Digital and social media has enabled the possibility of sharing spaces and resources among people. He asked me to sign a piece of paper and gave me some brochures. In Lima, researchers have developed the “billboard with a difference” – with a system that allow for trapping humidity in the air and extracting water vapor to produce drinking waterOut of the current 7.4 billion world population, 3.7 are internet users and 2.7 are social media usersWhat if you can tap at least a third of this number of people who are active internet and social media users to plant just one tree? What is important at this point is to determine how — as megacities continue to boom and choke from overpopulation, traffic congestion, pollution, diseases, disasters etc.

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