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★★★★” (Album of the Week) – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)“No embellishments are needed when the words are as good, as preciously picked, bare and honest, as these. . . A wonderfully calm moseying rural town of a story.Holly Throsby is a songwriter, musician and novelist from Sydney. Holly Throsby is the perfect guide as Cedar Valley and its inhabitants slowly reveal their secrets. Benny had left her father, the friends she had in the share house, and Sydney on this quest – it was 1993 and she felt a youthful exuberance. However I felt the ending was unsatisfactory - it wasn't clearly resolved, to my way of thinking. . “A charming and compelling tale of personal pain, long-held secrets and mystery, set amid gossip, innuendo and the inescapable fact that everyone seems to knows everyone else’s business in a small town. Each tune is as absorbing and intimate as a watercolour miniature” – UNCUT“Startling noir-like imagery, plaintive beauty, masterful gravitas, lasting truth” – MESS + NOISE“Elegant, restrained, majestic. She captures life in a small town in such a realistic way. I liked this book and thought the small town in the hills and the characters in it were well drawnIt was with great anticipation that I began reading Holly Throsby’s latest novel because I was really entertained by her debut novel Goodwood. It felt more like a work of literary fiction with mysterious elements rather than a classic whodunnit, and once I figured that out, enjoyed it very much.

Moral of the story? One, Benny Miller, has come to live in a house which an old friend of her recently deceased mother has offered to her. We’d love your help. ‘Hello Tiger’ (with Darren Hanlon) is a gem. “The second novel from beloved Australian singer-songwriter Holly Throsby, “Holly Throsby coolly carves out her own piece of real estate rich with gently nostalgic ’90s Australiana . It was directed by our friend Nat van den Dungen. In fact, make that wow cubed. My only criticism was the ending which I felt was a just a bit abrupt. . .

. Holly Sarah Throsby (born 28 December 1978) is an Australian musician and novelist. These questions underpin the novel and taunt the reader, some with the temerity to remain unanswered. ★★★★” – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)“A rare jewel, [Throsby’s] breathy intonations are stoked with deft, rustic accompaniment creating songs as delicate and ornate as a folky Faberge egg.“An absolutely, painfully beautiful piece of work” – MESS + NOISE“‘Here Is My Co-Pilot’ is one of the songs of the year, for me, no matter what delights emerge in the next five months. Factored in is the recent death of Benny's Mum and her trying to come to terms with this with her Mum's old friend Odette.It was such a good story but the ending was so disatisfying!Cedar Valley is the second novel by Australian songwriter, musician and novelist , Holly Throsby. Little sayings from childhood feature throughout, from ‘Can I Do That Too?’ to the spoken corrections in ‘Fish and Mice’. As a reader, you get a good feel for place and characters in her books. One of the Australian albums of the year so far.” – MELBOURNE MAGAZINE (THE AGE)“Brighter, livelier, more stunningly vivid. The story was interesting - I'd never heard of the Somerton Man before.

Holly Throsby’s second book is a page turner and then some . from Benny Goodman and Glen Miller? I hope she is writing another book.” – LINDY MORRISON in LOUD MOUTH“The town of Goodwood is so well-created that it almost becomes a character. You can To celebrate, we are playing two shows in July. ★★★★” – WEARS THE TROUSERS (UK)“Superb lyricism and subtly rich, oaky instrumentation, effortlessly veering from bright folk pop to spare, almost ambient acoustic laments. Overall, great writing, as always, by Holly Throsby. I loved the story in its side by side narrative between a young woman leaving her father and Sydney at the invitation of her Mum's best friend and the death on the same day as her arrival of a mysterious man in the mythical town of Cedar Valley. . . It starts with Benny moving to Cedar Valley to try to learn something about her mother, who she hardly knew.

” – THE AUSTRALIAN“Riddled with poignant lyrical twists, a pinch of dry humour and subtle instrumental flourishes” – UNCUT“A rich vein of intimate, close to the ear and even closer to the skin music, laced with a clear but never overstated sadness. become a kind of single organism, with the distinctive neuroses, a particular vernacular, and the way the town collectively navigates between the un-ease caused by the missing people and the familiarity and domesticity of their daily lives.

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