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Even great companies make mistakes. It’s incredibly easy to get distracted, with even great companies having to fight to stop this from happening.So, how does your organization become more like a hedgehog and less like a fox? Instead, you start by getting the right people into the organization and the wrong people out.Getting the right people takes precedence over strategy, over vision, over almost everything. McMullen was raised on a farm in Kentucky, was the first in his family to go to college, and began his career at Kroger as a part-time stock clerk. This means that there is no need to excessively control the actions of your people.Most companies fail not because of the lack of opportunity but because there is too much opportunity, and they spread themselves too thinly.A culture of discipline means having the organization full of people who will take action consistent with the hedgehog principle. A hedgehog is a much more simple creature.

It doesn’t define us and it’s not who we are and what we are about, but without it we simply can’t survive very long.If the company is working at the intersection of all three questions. But, if someone came to you and enquired as to what was the one big push that made your flywheel spin so fast what would you say? But the pilot has ultimate responsibility within that system for the safety of the craft, its passengers, and its crew.In essence, this is about what we’re already covered: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action.

To get it to spin you need to start pushing it. Many companies don’t even try to be great. This is very different from setting your goals from the desire to grow, for example.It takes time to develop your Hedgehog Concept. At the time of their big transition, all the good-to-great companies had Level 5 … You think of the economic engine as being like the blood flowing through our bodies. **A Level 5 leader’s primary concern is Answer the following questions to learn what kind of leader you are.Think of a recent success, whether at your job or in your personal life. Only if there is a fit will they then invest in it.They use technology to speed up the momentum they already have. It’s about companies who were good for a long time and then somehow became great for a long time. In an area where money can be created. Although they’re often personally likable and inspiring, they’re not usually “charismatic.”Their lack of ego enables them to concentrate on one thing and one thing only: A good-to-great team is composed of people who care deeply about the company and will argue passionately for the decisions they believe are right (but will come together to support whatever decision is eventually reached).Avoid at all costs the “genius with a thousand helpers” model; Good-to-great companies are evangelical about recognizing market realities and reacting in kind.That said, no matter how dire the facts, they never lose faith that, eventually, they’ll prevail.“Foxes” know many things and see the world in all its complexity, whereas “Hedgehogs” know one Good-to-great companies make the jump because they constantly refer to and consistently realize their Hedgehog Concepts.

We have achieved a Good to Great Flywheel Effect. Good to Great Summary Chapter 1: Separating the Great from the Good At a dinner Collins was attending in 1996, a McKinsey managing director pointed out a flaw in Built to Last , Collins’s 1994 bestseller that explained how long-lasting companies achieved their success. We are then achieving some visible results.

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