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This book is written in a conversational style, that gives away that it is a subject that she could discuss in an article-length text. You should not let your sense of self-worth depend upon the reception of your work or the way other people see you.1. Daring Greatly Detail Summary Chapter 1: Scarcity- Looking Inside our culture of ‘NEVER ENOUGH’ This Chapter starts with an Idiom “YOU CAN’T SWING A CAT WITHOUT HITTING THE NARCISSIST.” (Too many Narcissist that there is no place to swing a dead cat) To overcome it we need to share the shame story with someone who can listen with empathy.Self-compassion also plays a major role because it allows us to seek out a connection in the first place.It’s also key to understand that we need to work on our shame resilience, because while shame is innate in the limbic system, resilience is a conscious process.When the shame attack started she repeats aloud “pain, pain, pain”.She then took a deep breath, told herself it’s a shame attack and that she can handle it (never bury the story, don’t try to hide it)And it’s key that while we normally are extremely mean when we talk to ourselves, we must do so in a compassionate way.

So if we build awareness about shame and speak to it and about it we can defeat it.And that’s where having a strong inner circle becomes important: if we can share our stories with someone who will respond with empathy and understanding, then we’ll beat shame.Similarly, we should cultivate empathy and self-compassion with ourselves.Brene Brown says there are twelve categories of shame:And here are some examples of people describing shame:Brene Brown tells us that sharing something you created is a key vulnerability moment in our lives.Some of us link our self-worth to how our work is received –And I loved, loved, loved what Brene Brown tells us after.If you attach your self-esteem to what people think AND the people love it, you’re worst off.When you master strong shame resilience skills the scenario is totally different.We need to care about what people think or else we lose our capacity for connection.And at the same time, we can’t be defined by what people think or we won’t be able to be vulnerable.Brene Brown says that how we experience different emotions comes down to self-talk. Be a role model. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Power dynamics, life strategies, and owning your life.Don’t stand in the stands of life, but read on and join us in the arena.For your benefit of understanding, Brene Brown uses “arena” as in “life”, and “being in the arena” as “living life fully with an open heart”.Brene Brown says that the more we protect ourselves from vulnerability, the more we grow fearful and disconnected.Being vulnerable then means the opposite: engaging fully and openly with the world around us.Vulnerability is the courage of putting ourselves out there.To help you define vulnerability in practical terms, here’s how Brene’s research subjects described it:As you can see and as Brene points out herself, these are all ordinary and common events which are part of our daily life.Indeed, she says, emotional exposure is not an option, it will happen anyway.When you do, you are daring greatly and you are being vulnerable.And these were some of the answers to the question of “how does it feel being vulnerable”:Brene Brown says that vulnerability is the source of hope and authenticity.It gives us and allows us to feel the emotions and experiences that we really crave: love, belonging and joy.The biggest example of vulnerability is possibly love.Brene Brown says that we need to be vulnerable to fully appreciate love because while love can make us feel incredible, it has also the power to destroy us emotionally.Loving someone knowing they might betray us, or that things might not work out… That takes courage. When she asked herself how her fear of vulnerability was holding her back and when she found the courage to overcome it and ask for help.I found enlightening when Brene says that the people who matter for us are the ones who are with us in the arena, supporting us and fighting with us.And the people who are criticizing in the stands, those, well… Those don’t matter.I do trust Brene when she says that nothing improved her life as much as letting go of what people in the stands say.Brene Brown says the only people who don’t have a feeling of shame are sociopaths.But you need to keep it under control and to be able to act in spite of it.

Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. Learn how to live by Daring Greatly principles.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, Daring Greatly was not what I expected it to be instead it gave me a very different outlook to vulnerability and a new understanding of what it means to engage with our vulnerability, understand how shame and shaming others affects us, how to combat shame, and being vulnerable for the sake of making real connections with people.

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