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It is always easier to … All products are independently selected by our writers and editors. You can enter the route anywhere, as long as you’re following the map. Jamie Jensen’s full-color guide includes over 125 driving maps and key sights along the eleven cross-country road trip routes featured on this site. Make sure your vehicle is optimal conditions though. America is a beautiful country and its’ natural formations don’t get enough credit.If you’re planning the best road trip ever, you should focus on the scenery (and of course The interactive tool doesn’t work for me still.

Seriously considering this cross country road trip madness?

Northern exposure. Stretch your legs in It’s early to rise on day five if you want to beat the crowds for an early-morning visit to Get your cameras ready: the next few days are all about epic Rocky Mountain scenery, from Wild West backcountry to lush, lakeside meadows. These solutions are applied to other problems, constantly using slightly different approaches to normal issues. This short sprint overlooks steep gorges and straddles the shores of Once you reach the city, you deserve to put your feet up at It’s our retirement trip…3 months of just relaxing and seeing the beauty of our country.our doesn’t work, but try this site that has apps and interactive maps for roadtripsThe interactive does not load for me on any browser or on my phone. © 2009 - 2020 Jetsetter ™ All rights reserved. Take all of the pictures. TripHobo’s expert road trip planners have listed out the ultimate epic cross-country road trips in the USA that should be on your travel bucket list: 1. itinerary ideas, America the beautiful has never been more approachable.It goes without saying that you’ll need a driver’s license to take a cross-country road trip, but this becomes a slightly more complicated matter if you’re not American. Have you considered checking it from your phone?Hello Heather. Access insider tips and hotel recommendations from our travel tastemakersThe Great American Road Trip is just as much a part of Americana as the stars and stripes. Book Today. The Great American Road Trip is just as much a part of Americana as the stars and stripes. Before leaving Jackson Hole, fuel up with homemade pastries or bread pudding french toast at After Yellowstone, cross the border into Montana’s Big Sky country and continue north past dude ranches, whitewater rapids, and vast cerulean skies as far as the eye can see. For more information: Pension plan administrators have two choices available to … The most basic variant of this itinerary would see you drive between Veering a little off the beaten path greatly expands your possibilities on this trip, which takes approximately 42 hours end-to-end without stopping, whether you camp in Glacier National Park, make an excursion to the resurgent It’s no secret that the South is home to some of America’s best food and most legendary hospitality, from classic dishes like jambalaya in Louisiana and If you’ve only got a short while, you might consider starting and ending in Longer itineraries can add states like Florida and cities like New Orleans to the mix, or even include the mansions of Mississippi or Your head is probably already spinning, but if you still have more patience (and a lot more time!) Though travel on the Mother Road peaked in the 1940s and 1950s before the Interstate Highway system was established, you can still follow the tire treads of so many who came before. Don’t have a fixed plan. If you buy something through our links, Jetsetter may earn an affiliate commission. The first way to do this would be to combine one (or more) of the above itineraries. This is a good rule of thumb for any trip, but particularly for the cross-country road trip, where every little bit of space is precious. RV Cross Country Driving Routes. We are currently using that link to access the map. That said, this map hits most of America’s must-see attractions. A lot of other maps exist, but they fail in computing the best-possible road trip distances.There might eventually be a better road trip itinerary. Get Road Trip USA for the glovebox or as a gift for your favorite armchair adventurer. Over 90,000 happy travelers. Drive Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago, then continue east to Boston, or further still along the Alternatively, you could circumnavigate the country, starting in Miami and driving north along the east coast to New York, before heading west to Seattle or Portland, then down the West Coast to San Diego before taking I-10 through Phoenix, El Paso and Houston to Jacksonville, Florida. By creating a shortlist of practical considerations and utilizing a few essential itineraries as your starting points, you can assuage much of your pre-trip anxiety, which is always half the battle. Roadside attractions await! Great Northern Route: Seattle to Boston on Interstate 90. A road trip of this kind can take several weeks or months to drive across the USA. Home for the night—the Before heading west to your final destination, it’s worth making one last detour to see Montana’s stunning After (reluctantly) leaving the mountains of Montana, hop back on I-90 to enter the northern tip of Idaho. To get around typical travel challenges, he used Google Maps API. Many sources suggest that it would take 7000 miles for a complete loop.It depends on the number of stops you plan on making.Fantastic that Tennessee was largely left off the map…Hello Mickie. We mapped out a 10-day itinerary—including top city sights and national parks between Washington, D.C. to Washington State—so you can make the best of your journey west.Chelsea is Brooklyn-based travel writer, editor, and photographer.

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