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That part is a mystery. She is just abrasive; she wasn’t helping things.I didn’t really like Capt Lee that much this season. The network and Andrew will never change. It almost feels as though there is something we don’t know going on behind the scenes concerning Ashton. ***L*I*T*E*R*A*L*** FVCKITY FVCK FARK FOOK DID I JUST WATCH.Andy seemed scared to offend Ashton. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Captain Lee seems furious but he’s trying to hold it in.

He looked like it pained him when Kate spoke of him so highly. ‘The Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Season 15: Meet New Housewife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas And Check Out The Trailer ‘Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Reality TV Ratings: ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’, ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’, ‘Botched’, And … I’m wrapped in a poncho eating shrimp and trying to get into Sailing Yacht…we shall see. Kate finally suggests that she go take a course being a stew in Fort Lauderdale. Well I saw his mother trashing Captain Lee on a public Twitter comment.Next week on part two of the reunion, Captain Lee has had enough and walks off the stage.Come for the tea. Captain Lee may have also been in agreement of keeping Ashton satisfied until he saw record of Ashton’s unacceptable behavior. I already knew about it because I follow her on Twitter.Andy is trash and probably the reason Capitan Lee walks off the stage next week. His treatment of Rhylee was BS too. And Ashton? Expecting people to do their jobs? I started watching Bravo years ago with Top Chef and then Project Runway (maybe not in that order) and when I started seeing ads for Below Deck, I watched that, too. .she can do no wrong and is safe.He isn’t enamored, he respects her because she gets the job done! So childish to call names because someone doesn’t have the same opinion You seem to have the false notion that everybody’s opinion is of equal value. She was also very nervous about the entire experience and clearly didn’t want to say too much. AND. We have enough chile in there.

Why didn’t he ask why she was turned on by Tanner’s drunk, freshly vomited oriifice? That behavior was the worst thing all season.These charters are not really the place where one can get the amount of service training Simone needs. They are such children and SO immature for their treatment of her, all the women on Below Deck, and constantly running to each other and gossiping. He has stated he’s not a babysitter. Let’s just let Les Doggg handle this.Simone has no leg to stand on she could not cut lemons or open a bottle of wine. He is the pied piper of bros. And Andy wants to steal some of his bro shine.Andy holding Ashton accountable for his attacks on Kate or the infantile gaslighting of Rylee is something that will never happen. Unbelievable how he has taken not one ounce of accountability. I won’t watch any show he’s on so I hope he doesn’t do anymore yachting stints because Below Deck and Below Deck Med are two of the three shows I like on TMC (The Misogyny Channel). I love Capt Lee, but after this I don’t know if I will watch another season. Laughable. She isn’t “safe” when a man is shoving his tongue down her mouth or hitting windows in the van. Just Jenn said it-everyone is too afraid of losing their jobs to ever speak up. She did not back down, did not call anyone names and held firm to her what went down between her & Brian. And he likes to keep the women in their place, and their place is fighting and having to defend themselves. They may have taken lessons from Ashley (T-Rav’s crazy ex) and created some new email accounts.Kate and Tanner were flirting and Tanner was asking Kate out when Simone hooked up with him. I house/pet sit frequently and Bravo has always been one of the channels I search for on a new tv/cable system.This may change. It hurt to watch her continue to give him accolades when he just shrugged it off.I think Kevin seriously damaged his career with his behavior on the show.

We would never be so lucky. Lee’s tweets makes me pretty sure Smashton will not be back on any Below Deck franchises.I’m with you TT-I have NO idea why Andy didn’t go in on Ashton more for his behavior. It feels as though he is being “protected”.

That is what makes him his money! He was repulsive and the major reason this hate-filled group of man babies raged so hard. I at one point thought he was funny but if last night (and the comments of many who clearly have watched him longer) are any indication, I will not be giving my time to the ads that run during his programming.

LITTLE. He knows that those guys have showed the teensiest bit of remorse. I watched some of WWHL on occasion but not often because of the hours I keep and never really noticed Andy Cohen’s behavior. It’s true she’s not always exercised the best judgment in the past (being good friends with one stew and being mean to the other, for example: not the best way to manage a team). But that is not what happened this season. Brian is a far too simple minded person to try to go toe to toe with someone who is articulate, smart and actually THINKS before she says something. Well he’s just an excitable boy (LOL)! I love Capt Lee. There were at least 2-4 on camera. The other show I like is Project Runway.Those boys ruined Below Deck anywhere for me… I’m down to Project Runway!Bravo was heavily promoting Ashton, then when the viewers saw his atrocious behavior and did not like it, they have been defending him. I hope he isn’t stupid enough to “stand up” for himself if he’s questioned about sticking his tongue in another crew members mouth not once, but twice. Completely different situations. Also, I think Andy has watched every moment of the After Shows.

Andy keeps offering Kevin rope and Kevin refuses to hang himself. Tanner is just useless. This website is not affiliated with Corus Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Viacom, any of the reality shows or properties covered, or any other entity. Below Deck Reunion Recap: Part 1 Brüs On The Hotseat! He is sooooo out of line!Never mind that he sexually assaulted Kate THREE times.Never mind that he clearly has very severe drinking and anger management problems.Never mind that he doesn’t have the first clue as to how to manage a staff, and somehow thinks that respect is due to him rather than his needing to earn it.I agree with everything you said.!!

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