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This order in NSW, by a Liberal government, should never have been gazetted. There have been very good women.”In 2005, racial tensions in western Sydney were flaring after a number of brawls around the Cronulla area — police even noted an “Text messages soon began circulating around Sydney calling for a rally (or, as one text message that Alan Jones repeatedly read aloud said, “While discussing the “major problem” in north Cronulla:“These are Lebanese gangs, simple. Much of my stuff is opinion. I think that’s a joke, and I tell you why I think it is. Certainly in description, and certainly in behaviour.”“Coronavirus can’t be allowed to destroy democracy. There’s just not enough time in the day for that]Alan isn’t shy about using the n-word. When Peter Debnam, the opposition leader says that every night we witness gang violence, including stabbing, ram raids … drive-by shootings … let’s identify who these people are.

Those children for their own benefit should be taken away.”In 2000, Jones was accused of racial vilification for comments he made on a discrimination case involving a real estate agent and an Aboriginal woman.

Australia’s most popular talkback presenter, Alan Jones, is a phenomenon. When Alan Jones disagrees with women, he fantasises about how he might like to shut them up. It is rubbish, and it’s a hoax.”There are just way too many examples of Alan Jones’ climate denialism for us to reproduce here.

You’re there not to buckle at the knees just because a few little media outlets and sympathisers to Julia Gillard want you to. And they are violent, and they hate.”To a caller, who said she’d heard derogatory remarks about Middle Eastern people:“Let’s not get too carried away … We don’t have Anglo-Saxon kids out there raping women in western Sydney.”“The truth is they’re Lebanese gangs and the Lebanese leadership in this state needs to have something to say about it. I don’t pretend to be a journalist and I don’t know what that means anyway — they’ve got a certificate or something.” I can’t even remember what I did last Monday.”“I couldn’t help but feel that this was happening, as you would know Father Mark, in Easter week, where the Easter is about crucifixion and resurrection. In this way, his platform helped to shape public policy in Australia for years.There has been a lot written about the divisive legacy Jones is leaving, but now we’d like to simply let his comments stand for themselves. Alan Jones On His Critics. Tomorrow marks the last day of radio for shock jock Alan Jones. He’s quick to dismiss a man as an “idiot” or a “fool”. But with women, the question becomes: Hang on, why is she even speaking in the first place?When Jones wondered on his 2GB breakfast show on Thursday,  “whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a shock down her throat,” he barely took a breath before remarking, “She is a joke, this woman, an absolute and utter lightweight.”On Thursday afternoon, Jones followed up with a statement concerning his remarks about Ardern.“Of course what I meant to say was that Scott Morrison should tell Ms Ardern to ‘put a sock in it’,” he explained, before accusing his critics of “wilful misinterpretation”.He also failed to see that “put a sock in it” has precisely the same implication; shut up.His comments about essentially gagging Ardern, came within 48 hours of Sydney woman, 24-year-old It was on the same day that the final moments of Melbourne woman, 22-year-old Of course, the remarks of Jones cannot be compared to the repugnant actions of men who decided a woman’s life was theirs to take.But what his words serve to highlight is a culture that accepts and perpetuates violence against women. Much of my stuff is opinion. Alan Jones, who is set to retire after a 35-year radio career, has been found by the media watchdog to have breached broadcasting codes for decency in his comments … If you're not already a Mamamia member, I mean, she is a joke, this woman.”On the Sydney Cloud Arch, a $11.3 million artwork that Clover Moore commissioned in 2017 (He denied the below comment was advocating violence against Moore, but declined to say what he was referring to):“You can guess what many people would rather hang 58 metres over George Street…and it’s not a Cloud Arch.”On there being “no glass ceiling” for women in politics, “There was no glass ceiling for [former WA Premier] Carmen Lawrence, or [NSW Premier] Gladys Berejiklian, or [Queensland Premier] Annastacia Palaszczuk … I think we’re inventing things here. I will be speaking to [NSW Premier] Gladys Berejiklian in about three minutes, and if you can’t come to the party, Louise, you should lose your job.”This particular out burst caused outrage, and Jones was forced to apologise for his bullying.On New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, when she told the 2019 Pacific Islands Forum that Australia has a lot to answer for on climate change:“She’s a clown, Jacinda Ardern — a complete clown. That’s his job.But what his listeners don’t seem to realise, is that Jones is entirely incapable of disagreeing with women.He doesn’t quite know what to do them.

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