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He can’t even share what he wanted to be as a kid. It’s heartbreaking watching Reg’s eyes dart between the clock and the door, hoping Jake won’t come home. It’s quite unfortunate. Kevin and Papa didn’t know they were saving Jake’s life when they held their mini-intervention, but that just shows how out of touch they all are with the gravity of the situation. Ronnie has been adrift for most of But, Ronnie can’t open up. Steven Williams, Actor: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. 'The Chi' is on Sunday night at 10 PM on ShowtimeDe The antagonist(s) in season 2 are good. Douda was great in Season 2 but the writers made his character so wacky this season.It’s not really touched on again. Whittling music. At the pace we’re moving, I think we’re going to see Reg force Brandon to return that favor he owes him and the food truck will somehow be involved, leading to Brandon’s failure. Steve Williams confirmed in podcast published Monday that 2018 will be his final year as a caddie, ending a career that began in 1979. It now seems possible to forgive Ronnie for Coogi’s death and that makes his presence within the show more enjoyable. I’ve complained that Papa hasn’t been given much to do this season, but “Wallets” makes a lovely highlight reel. Ronnie’s moment of healing ends with him dealing with another dead body and his frustrations are clear. Steven Williams’ Quentin has become one of my favorite villains. It’s not surprising that he returns to the mosque. What happened with the guy and the food truck? Rafiq finally gives words to what Ronnie has been unable to communicate. He is known for his roles on the Netflix series Locke & Key, as Captain Adam Fuller on 21 Jump Street, Lt. Jefferson Burnett on The Equalizer, Det. The police officer? Barton Fitzpatrick had a quiet charm in earlier episodes as Reg, but now he’s become one of Quentin is right: Reg is disposable to Trice, to his gang and to the community he exists within. It’s definitely worth watching again.That’s lame that it’s never addressed. By the time Shamon Brown was describing the difficulties of cardboard applicators, I wanted to give him my own Academy Award. I guess the writers decided that’s all we viewers needed.

Is it Black Shameless? It’s odd that Brandon doesn’t even mention Coogi as part of his motivation for owning his own business when he’s trying to get a loan from his cousin. Even the doctor who saves him is unable to survive and dies of an overdose right next to him. His was my favorite storyline. “Wallets” is the first time it feels like a central character could have their story cut short. Now, in pandemic boredom, I’m considering trying again but was wondering if his absence was ever explained? The SHO series 'The Chi' follows multiple story lines as people of different ages and backgrounds try to make their way through the streets of Chicago, intertwining paths and showing how everything isn't so black and white. Detective Cruz A soft-hearted police officer whose beat is the south side, Detective Cruz is doing his best to try and stem the violence and bloodshed in the neighborhood. Unlike Emmett, he’s not hustling with the hope of becoming legit some day and his death wouldn’t be cutting a promising career short like Jason’s. Too bad. Meghan and Harry Pay Off the Renovation Debt on Their U.K. Home, Giving Their Detractors One Less GripeI Found All the Most Deranged Trump Anecdotes From Michael Cohen's Watching Adam Savage Spruce Up a Captain America Shield Is Strangely RelaxingInfant Politician Blames 'Early Childhood Education Funding' For Making Him Abuse Women They do a lot of that in this show ... wrapping things up all neat and tidy, that storyline’s done!Douda told Reggie in Season 2 that Q got handled for stealing the guns and killing the corrupt cop in season 1. He is an actor and director, known for Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993), The Blues Brothers (1980) and The X-Files (1993). “Me” time. Brandon reuniting with Jerrika and starting a food truck isn’t particularly interesting.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Reg is a gun runner who brings violence to the community and it’s unlikely anyone would be surprised by his death. We do learn that he served in the army and saw some action. Maybe Reg will be able to save himself by aligning with Quentin, but he’ll likely remain a pawn in someone else’s game.That Jake looks up to Reg as someone in power and believes he can protect them makes it all the more sad. He said “Q is gone” aka murdered I assumed. The one thing Reg clearly does care about is Jake and providing for him in the absence of their parents. We don’t know what kind of life Ronnie wished for, but it’s clear his current one has repeatedly been interrupted by death and violence. Their dynamic could have been interesting.I believe in season 2 there was a single line of dialogue that said Quentin was gone. Luckily, Ashley Ray-Harris is a Chicago-based pop culture expert and freelance writer.

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