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You are a leader and someone people of all races and religions can embrace as aa caring, good person.Another great article from Jason Whitlock. I don’t have the vocabulary to say enough about how impactful this, and most all of your writings, are to me. It’s a shame that in 2020 you have to be considered Brave for writing it!Jason keep speaking the truth and someday these woke followers will realize the truth will set them free.Marxists and communists will always attack (and fear) Christianity, because it’s a living testimony of an authority higher than theirs. If the Journal report is true, Eaves and Duncan are using the George Floyd tragedy to diminish Steele, who replaced Hill on the 6 p.m. SportsCenter. Your articles are spot on, but the brilliance of this one forced me to support you by buying anHaha. I can’t think of a more verbal violation of my humanity! During a passionate two-hour ESPN college football conference call last... The fact that a black man or woman lives and practices Christian values and gets ostracized for doing so by their very own is absolute lunacy. Why look to family and community when the Wokesters will speak on your behalf?Regarding Jason’s meaning, I agree that’s probably who he is talking about as you stated in your reply.Sage’s convictions, along with everyone else who stands against the mob should be commended. Steele, a Christian, believes God and her own behavior control her destiny. Knowing full well you’ve totally sold out to this BS movement who denies Christ, Family Values and everything else the Bible teaches? I commend Sage for not backing down and sticking up for what she believes in, and thinking for herself. Remember, it was the screaming crowd who was yelling “crucify Him”. I’m ten years older than you and wonder what happened to looking at one’s character as to opposed to skin color. Pick what is more important to you. Here’s what she said in a statement to the WSJ:“I found it sad for all of us that any human being should be allowed to define someone’s ‘Blackness.’ Growing up biracial in America with a black father and white mother, I have felt the inequities that many, if not all Black and biracial people have felt — being called a monkey, the ‘n’ word, having ape sounds made as I walked by — words and actions that all of us know sting forever. So glad I found it here and the signup for VIP membership was an instant no brainer.BLM sounds more like a gay advocacy group than anything else – which makes sense since it’s founded by white lesbians.Your column is SPOT ON… I’m generally the most insufferably pragmatic person I know, however, I believe we are in a true Holy War with the forces of good and evil…Race can’t even be discussed intelligently any more…Trust me… If we are going to suppress it, we have to be rational, loving, and intelligent… That isn’t happening any longer, it seems…Jason, thank you for writing about Sage’s courage and Integrity. If you can successfully take parents out of the equation then kids are vulnerable to the literal cascade of lies that are fed to them from the industries that they rely on for upbringing, most notably the public school system. ESPN suspends reporter over profane email ESPN anchor Sage Steele believes she wasn’t included in the network’s recent special on race because …
So far, Steele has courageously refused to go along with the corporate-mandated Black Lives Matter propaganda that white racism controls the destiny of black Americans. ESPN anchor Sage Steele has told management she believes she was excluded from a special the network aired on race last month because she wasn’t considered by … This attempt by Marxists to reshape America is dangerous. A waste of a valuable resource.Another great article! Inside the court of social media, Black Lives Matter and its appointed racial gatekeepers declared the practice of and adherence to the values taught in Christianity as crimes against blackness. Thanks for contacting us. I’ve been arguing for years that there are few problems between people strictly because of their racial makeup differences, contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe. Understand, if you are a believer, the choices you make now are more important and more eternal then at any other time in history. Our country needs patriots like Sage and yourself now more than ever!Mr. And I could be speaking figuratively. Will you tell yourself to keep your head down and stay off the radar?Yes, there is some comfort and safety in numbers.

When you close your eyes here and wake up on the other side, are you prepared to defend the choices you’ve made? Individuals on the other hand, have a choice to make. When interpreting the sports world, she eschews race as her primary lens and instead prioritizes her Christian faith and American patriotism. I love your fearless opinions! It’s the same felonious offense that has actor Terry Crews at odds with Twitter’s black culture overseers. Journalists are the front face of recent happenings and news. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. ThanksOutkick should hire Sage Steele. Ruining faithful American families at the center of the wheel will make them vulnerable to all of the other evils in the world that are currently winning. ESPN anchor Sage Steele’s crime against blackness is her practice of Christianity.
Is that you?Sage Steele And The Holy War Separating Black PeopleMichigan Woman Arrested After Using Parody Hitman Website To Have Her Ex-Husband KilledMookie Betts Is About to Make That Patrick Mahomes Money All right? Doing great work for our country. Army veteran kills himself in horrifying Facebook livestreamFacebook will pay users to log off before 2020 electionHere's how much Pelosi salon owner made in GoFundMe campaignRochester PD's 'entire command staff' retires amid Daniel Prude protestsHere's what the McDonald's Travis Scott meal comes withJLo, A-Rod's last-ditch pitch to save Mets bid puts her in 'control' Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

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