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It feels so good to be yours, I feel like a princess when I walk beside you. Thank God we have the rest of our lives to make up for the lost time.45.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but writing a letter expressing your true love is not at all difficult. Believe me dear: I am real, as real as a true lover would ever be.49.

I wish the days could be longer so I can spend more time with you72.

Thank God for all those mistakes.You are the best compensation for my sorry past. I’m still as in love with you as the first time I met you.Life gets really busy at times and it may appear no one cares but don’t you ever forget that I love you and I do so with all my heart.Here’s a little reminder to brighten up your day: I love you plenty.You came into my life and brought with you the brightness of sunshine. I will love you still when the stars are swallowed up by dawn and the leaves wither in thirst.I believe the purpose of life is to love because a life without love is one full of drowsiness and darkness. I wish I had found you earlier, I would have been saved from so much drama and stress.

It’s been fun, fun, fun all the way.34. With you, I feel I can be whoever and whatever I need to be.

I know this because it’s all your love did to me.Romantic Short Love Notes for Boyfriend to make him feel special.41. You’re my darling forever.Whatever good luck brought you into my life, I pray it never stops. All creations were made in order of superiority. Now I know love has no depth, no limits and no boundaries because I find myself loving you more with every new day.54. When I am with you, a certain serenity engulfs me. Before you approached me, I knew you were going to be mine.Most of the things you do make me happy, there is always something to laugh about even in the annoying things you do. You will never regret loving me boo56. 6. There is a certain honesty to you that makes me feel secure.

Maybe it’s both. I can’t tell you too because it’s immeasurable.57. You are so right you will make any woman proud.90.

You’re the best thing to have happened to me.I’m going to treat you so well, you’ll not only wonder what happened to you, you’d get so addicted, you’d never leave me.If I knew what I did to deserve you, I’d keep doing it so I don’t stop attracting good things. You are undisputedly in charge my dear.36. It is scary but intriguing too. I am love struck.70.

For all the saints I wouldn’t trade your place for glad I am to be clad in this regalia of true love. I wish I could clone you so every good woman has a copy of you.

Love doesn’t bind, it shreds off all troubles. Love is just a 4-lettered word but my feeling for you can’t be summed up by any word or combination of words.85. You are a good man. You are an embodiment of love and I am blessed to have you in my life.If being in love is being a fool, then I don’t mind being your fool. Kirill Vasilev. Romantic Love Notes for Her. I wish more men are like you. So if you are with that special guy and you need love notes to spice up your relationship, below are Cute and Romantic Notes to help you out.Keep the love burning with these top Cute Notes for Boyfriend.You have made another woman out of me.

You’ve got me and I’ve got you, in the good times and in the bad times, today and always.I’m here for you at all times, baby, be it good or bad times.I can’t make a sentence without somehow incorporating your name.

It feels good to know you are loved and highly cherished by a man, it feels better when you know he is committed to you but the best feeling of all is when you know he is never going to let you go.83. You have so much beauty around you, so much class, sophistication, excellence and goodness. We’re in this ship together till forever.What a big mistake she made, who once held you then let you go. It hurts that I can’t show you how much I love you. Since I am not one, this text would have to do.71.

The best gift ever.I must have grown wings because my heart soars whenever you are near.I might not be able to predict what will happen tomorrow but one thing I am sure of is your presence tomorrow, the day after and forever.Make him wake up to these “Cute Love Notes for Him”.31.

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