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Why? while we were dating, and made them into a book, and then asked for whom it was If you ask, “For whom is God’s Word written?” someone will The Bible is the Word of God. A simple explanation for many of the variations between parallels in the gospels is that each writer was free within the Holy Spirit’s guidance to use his own natural language to express the truths revealed to him. Is it written for atheists?For example, if I took all the letters I wrote to my wife Note that the idea conveyed with the term “sufficient” in the first three writers is expressed by John and Paul with the word “worthy.” Mark, Luke and John all make specific reference to the “thong” of the sandal, but Paul and Matthew do not.

There are, however, no differences in meaning. For example, the fact that Mark makes explicit mention of bending down does not mean that he added any information that is not present in the other versions. In Christ, Amen.See God's love and power, his presence and purpose in your life everyday John surely spoke to his Jewish audience in Aramaic. Both indicate the time of the same event, but Matthew says literally, “Evening becoming,” while Luke says, “Going down the sun.” Both describe the same time of day, but each in his own characteristic idiom. God’s desire, as with any letter, is that you open it and read it—and more than just a few times. The Bible is the Word of God.

(Note the explicit references to “translation” in several passages, e.g. because God loves me and calls me to belong to him in Jesus.Here’s what this means: If I lean toward the foolish end, God’s Psalm 115:1-8 God proved His love not by His need of us, but by His giving to us. people who couldn’t care less? Help me see that however and wherever I am, you desire me. The answer is “Yes.” We may not know the exact Aramaic words that John used, but we most definitely know what he said. All Rights Reserved. In Christ, Amen. God’s Word is for me. He said that Jesus was so much greater than he was that he was not good enough to perform for Jesus the humblest duty of a servant. T. D. Jakes, Hope for … Besides variations in grammar and syntax between the five versions, there are significant differences in the choice of words and expressions. So Matthew was just expressing in different words the same idea found in the other translations of John’s statement. God wants me John 8:1-11 Is it written for people who can’t read Hebrew But somewhere in that mix I too am included. deeper, you begin to see the answer is not so simple. In the case of the New Testament writers’ translations of John’s words, each expressed the same message using language that was natural to him or would communicate best to his particular audience. Devotion topics: Theology, Bible, God's Word Because God is not interested in simply teaching me theology. Although the word used by Matthew usually has the meaning “to carry,” it can also have the meaning “to remove,” which it most certainly does in this context. Consider the variety of ways the message “He died” might be expressed in English: “He passed on,” “He expired,” “He met his end,” etc. That the Bible is the Message of God expressed in the words of men is also illustrated by the fact that the same message is often expressed by different writers of Scripture in different words.

a few times.Father God, sometimes my own sense of wisdom, or the lack of it, can hinder me from hearing your Word. is for me too—not based on my nationality or amount of wisdom. God’s words ministered to me while guiding me in a new way to pray for my daughter and the situation she was facing. His words express his own unworthiness as compared to Jesus’ greatness. God’s “letter”

If I am already wise and seasoned, God’s Word is for me. In a similar parallel between Matthew 14:15 and Luke 9:12, Matthew uses the same expression as above, but Luke varies his style with the phrase, “the day was beginning to close.” GOD’S WORD is truly an accurate and easy-to-read translation. Matthew 5:4-5 There is a related consideration which makes the variants between parallels significant for the work of translation. Each Greek version of this statement appears below, accompanied by a literal English translation. God is love. Whether you’re a new Christian or a faith veteran, you can rest assured that you’re holding God’s word in your hands. Considering the differences between the five versions of John’s statement, do we really know what John said? or Greek? All are valid ways to state the same fact. Matthew 5:6-12

Mark 5:41 and 15:34). While the words in each of the five translations are different, the message is exactly the same.Copyright © 2012 World Bible Translation Center India.

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