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Oh no, not me.

Thanks to that...I made a playlist called Koi no Yokan.

Got a anime/manga suggestion?You can make sure it's not already on my list here I’m always looking for new shows to watch, books to read and other fun things to write about.

Watch the video for Funky at Heart from Studio Killers's Studio Killers for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

By that he meant me giving myself space away from him instead of talking about it....Another season is done and it’s now time for summer! Sadly, with the pandemic having started in the Spring, a...The MOST annoying question I’m asked when I meet someone new is: “What are your favorite animes?” It’s rare if they actually know the shows. February, there were the wild forest fires.

I know I did.

Cherry, the lead vocalist, remains an elusive character, someone her co-members Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink describe as slightly scary.

You do not want to miss out!As you guys are well aware, I am no stranger to being the other woman.

I will...Helios broke up with me again because he felt that he didn’t deserve the way I was treating him.

Thanks to the pandemic I haven’t met anyone new.

Have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns?

Who knew I would stick to writing these out.


Others made it clear what they were...New year, New updates on the men in my life.

Funky at heart Whoo (funky, funky at heart) Whoo (funky, funky at heart) Well, you fell right into my arms And fit into my puzzle So we made love in a quickly Parked European car Submit Corrections.

They are however an electronic music collective c…

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