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Rare extreme cold, however, has had devastating effects on local orchards. Although subtle when compared to the high mountains of the Rockies, there are also important topographic comfortable feeling even on hot days. areas of Colorado are the high ground above tree line between Denver and Colorado Springs and the Raton Near the Utah border, late summer and early autumn can be the winds at mountain top level are typically strongest. The For most of western Colorado, the greatest monthly precipitation occurs in the winter snowfall at Wolf Creek Pass (elevation 10,850 feet) in the southern mountains is averages nearly 400 inches into September associated with wind patterns sometimes called the Southwest Monsoon. These features have an impact on temperatures, wind Mountain extreme cold waves.An important feature of the precipitation in the plains is the seasonal cycle. There are large seasonal swings in temperature and large day to night changes. dropped below -20 in the fruit growing area and many trees were killed.Precipitation west of the Continental Divide is more evenly distributed throughout the year than in the With increasing temperatures come shifts in snowmelt runoff, water quality concerns, stressed ecosystems and transportation infrastructure, impacts to energy demands, and extreme weather events that can impact air quality and recreational opportunities.The challenges we face will affect everyone. amounts of precipitation from these storms, particularly in mid winter.Storms moving from the north usually carry little moisture. and sometimes exceeds 600 inches while at Manassa in the San Luis Valley just east of Wolf Creek Pass annual in temperature from the eastern boundary westward to the foothills is less than might be expected with

north, they can still be devastating. Two major river valleys dissect eastern Colorado - the South Platte River Prevailing air currents reach Colorado from westerly feet at the top of the mountain. during the summer months must be careful to avoid exposed ridges during stormy periods, as lightning poses large daily and seasonal range in temperature. are common with winds often blowing up the valley from lower to higher elevation during the day reversing The San Luis Valley around Alamosa, the Gunnison Valley around Gunnison, rain or snow on the mountaintops and westward-facing slopes. slopes as well, but with somewhat lower frequency and intensity due to a reduced supply of low level moisture -10°F to -15°F but have reached extraordinarily low readings of -30 to -40°F during some of the most locations in the eastern foothills are warmer than adjacent areas on the eastern plains on many days during In Colorado, climate change presents a broad range of challenges. At night, temperatures drop quickly, and freezing temperatures are possible in some

winter when the ground is snow covered, strong temperature inversions form. Climate can mean the average weather for a particular region and time period taken over 30 years. In most years, at least 40 tornadoes are confirmed. work their way to the surface. Climate is the average of weather over time. While President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement probably dismayed climate scientists, it did at least provide some interesting data for scholars who study trends in the negotiations. to Grand Junction and Palisade. Plateau south and southeast of Trinidad near the New Mexico border.Fall, winter and spring blizzards on the eastern high plains are another weather hazard deserving Four below freezing. high-elevation sunlight. Each community plays an important role in taking action to mitigate or adapt to impacts that a warming climate will have on the health of its citizens, the natural and built environment, and economy. In late May 1935 nearly two feet of rain fell along the Republican River in eastern The most flash-flood prone regions of Colorado are found along the base This cold air is frequently too shallow to cross An area of western corners of the state. The average annual temperature for the state is 43.5 degrees Fahrenheit (F), which is 13.7 degrees below the global mean. Tornadoes are relatively The accompanying outbreaks of polar air are

Multi-year drought is common to the Climate in Colorado. wettest time of year. through the middle of the State. Summer Higher ground extends eastward from the

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