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They following morning they were shot at dawn in a yard at A literary and cultural movement, known now as the Irish Renaissance, helped inspire pride in Irish traditions and resentment against British rule. Yet it soon became a powerful symbol and helped focus efforts of Irish nationalists to break free after centuries of domination by Britain. The captain of the ship scuttled it rather than have it fall into British hands. British forces initially put their efforts into securing the approaches to Dublin Castle and isolating the rebel headquarters, which they believed was in Libert hall. The 1916 Easter Rising and the War of Independence that followed in 1919-21 transformed the political landscape in Ireland. The pacifist Francis Sheehy-Skeffington was the best- known civilian victim of the insurrection. Connolly had been incapacitated by a bullet wound to the ankle and has passed command on to Pearse. The rebellion was quickly crushed by British forces and was considered a failure at first. Roger Casement, who had been arrested in the days before the rising, was hanged in London on August 3, 1916, the only leader to be executed outside of Ireland. Inside the GPO in 1916: Desmond FitzGerald’s eyewitness account Responsibility for the planning of the rising was given to Tom Clarke and Sean Mac Dermott. Never forget those who sacrificed everything for Ireland, and those that still are!! The Rising of Easter week 1916 came to an end on Saturday 29 th April when Patrick Pearse led the official surrender of the Irish rebels to Brigadier General Lowe. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. They included the General Post Office, the Four Courts, Jacob’s Factory, Boland’s Bakery, the South Dublin Union, St. Stephen’s Green and later the College of Surgeons.

By the time of the rebel headquarter’s surrender, the South Staffordshire Regiment  under Colonel Taylor had advanced only 150 yeards down the street at a cost of 11 dead and 28 wounded.

The fervor for Irish nationalism did not fade and in some ways had become more intense at the beginning of the 20th century. The Under-secretary, Sir matthew nathan, was alerted by the shots and helped close the castle gates. At about 11.00 am on Easter Monday the Volunteers, along with the Irish Citizen Army, assembled at various prearranged meeting points in Dublin, and before noon set out to occupy a number of imposing buildings in the inner city area. On that morning columns of Irish rebels in military uniforms assembled and marched out in Dublin and seized prominent public buildings. In May 1915 Clarke and MacDermott established a Military Committee within the IRB, consisting of Pearse, Plunkett and Ceannt, to draw up plans for a rising. So the rebellion quickly turned into a collection of sieges at various locations in the city. The SS Aud, was to land weapons in Kerry on Good Friday but was intercepted by the Royal Navy. The insurrections of 1803, 1848 and 1867 had been small in comparison. A gun-running ship, the Aud, was set to land guns of the west coast of Ireland, but was intercepted by the British navy. Given the prominence of writers in the rebellion, it's not surprising that a proclamation became part of the Easter Rising. Responsibility for the planning of the rising was given to Tom Clarke and Sean Mac Dermott.

The rebellion was quickly crushed by British forces and was considered a failure at first. The Supreme Council of the IRB met on 5 September 1914, a month after the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. The executions of the leaders after the Rising awakened a generation to the cause of Irish freedom, resulting in the War of Independence, the formation of the Irish Free State and as a result the Irish Civil War. Moreover, they fought with discipline and skill until, acting under instruction from their leaders, they surrendered their strongholds rather than fight to the last volunteer.
This came less than two years after the Rising.

However, where the insurgents dominated the routes by which the British tried to funnel reinforcements into the city, there was fierce fighting.Reinforcements were sent to Dublin from England, and disembarked at Kingstown on the morning of 26 April. The execution of the rebel leaders resonated deeply in Ireland. GAA’s role in 1916 Rising: Separating fact from fiction Similarly the rebel position at St. Stephen’s Green, held by the Citizen Army under Michael Mallin, was made untenable after the British placed snipers and machine guns in the Shelbourne Hotel and surrounding buildings.

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