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Keep your kids on track with structure while doing remote learning. Thankful for these books as they have helped me and my family so much.The recipes are fantastic, healthy, and easy to follow!!

So glad you stumbled upon the cookbook and found your way to the site :) Let us know if you need any tips, advice, or help. Looking for an easy and affordable way to improve the health of you and your family?

We eat mostly organic. It includes 52 weeks of planning materials plus 20 one-dish recipes.Create a routine for working at home with these tips. She likes it anyway.

The idea behind this series of posts is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place.

Those are all great questions and really REAL scenarios that might just come up. Or if an elderly lady offers your chid a cookie and wonders why your child just can’t have one cookie?

It's meant to show you how enjoyable and delicious life can be when you stick with natural foods…

Obviously the Leakes were very committed to seeing this thing through. !When my chicken nugget and pizza only son raves about the meals I make from 100 Days of Real Food, I know I have hit the jackpot.

, meal plans, & more to help you cut out processed food in a realistic and manageable way. Good luck with the challenge.

Do you just not at and how do you explain it to people without sounding weird.

Another scenario: you are at a BBQ send something’s look unprocessed but you are not sure. I would contact them directly for questions: My husband was also wondering about a scenario: what about if you start the pledge and your child melts down about wanting a cookie or another junk at a party?

Sorry to hear about Arby’s :-( – NicoleI’m going to try to do this starting at the beginning of the year.

When my chicken nugget and pizza only son raves about the meals I make from 100 Days of Real Food, I know I have hit the jackpot. It makes me so happy to see that when Lisa started her girls were 3 & 5. Real Food Mini-Pledge Program Consists of 6 small weekly pledges (baby steps!)

Let us show you how cutting out processed food can help.Find easy-to-make recipes your family will love. Remember, the 100 days of real food challenge isn't meant to punish you. View course $57 Easy recipes and ones I feel good about serving my boys. Published May 27, 2010. We don’t eat much junk,but still have it. We start on July 1st. You would have to address individual situations in terms of your own family. Take some time to go through the page I gave you above. But before we get started, I would like to reminisce for a moment about what each of us will miss the most…Hi I found your book in the library and I am hooked!! The biggest challenge of all may very well be getting our 3 and 5-yr-old children (who will be faced with day camps, playdates and birthday parties this summer) to go all the way without having any slip-ups! Find the complete list of over 300 real food recipes that are available at 100 Days of Real Food, covering breakfast all the way to dessert. Find tons of meal ideas that you and your kids can choose from!I have bought the three main books and cook weekly from them.

Jackie F. This initial change was an extremely big transition for us, and I imagine that going the extra 10 to 15% of the way is not going to be easy either. Mine are ages 12,10 and 6. We invite you to read along and hopefully join in by taking the Even though we first began our personal mission to cut out processed foods a few months ago, I estimate that we only went about 85 or 90% of the way. My hubby does not want to take our kids out and gave them melt down or put udon the spot.Hi Karen. My oldest knows what’s in a dunkin donuts but doesn’t care. I have been trying really hard the last week and have done really good.

:) ~Amy I hope to get them to eat healthier.

You can pick and choose what posts you are most interested in.

But I KNOW if they are offered junk they would soooo want it.

Regardless of your budget or skills in the kitchen, we've got the perfect recipe.Read our recent posts and find tips and resources to help you on your journey to better health.I have a new Meal Planner Workbook coming out in December that you won’t want to miss!

Packing your kids a healthy, nonprocessed, delicious school lunch just got easier.

I have started a 100day real food challenge at work.

Last night was a crazy day and went to Arby’s…BAD CHOICE!!! We invite you to read along and hopefully join in by taking the 10-day pledge as our family of four begins our 100 Days of Real Food journey.

And the rest of the family!Hi there. Hopefully it will help that we plan to reward them with a fun day at Carowinds Amusement park when the 100-day pledge is over.

Easy recipes and ones I feel good about serving my boys.

Welcome to the original “100 Days of Real Food” pledge page.

I currently have 2 & 4 year old little boys who can be very stubborn and opinionated when it comes to food. I felt horrible and very burpy (the pretend food tasted alot better going down than haunting me for 3 hours after)Hi Terri!

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